11 comments on “Gutted. Really gutted.

  1. I’ve been fearing for some time I’d have the same opinion about the book! I’ve not seen it yet as it’s not available here, but I’m afraid I won’t order it either, not without seeing and judging for myself. I really love her other books, it’s such a pity she couldn’t come up with something as unique and soul-warming as before. Perhaps after you’ve written a certain number of books it’s not possible? I hope not!


  2. I think the reason Nigella has written this book is, as others have said, to get beginners to buy this book and then hopefully her others.I’m not saying that there won’t be good recipes in this book – I live in hope (and Kelly-jane is inspiring me)But it is JUST a cookbook that others could have written, for example it’s very similar to Jo Pratt.


  3. I love the idea of quick cooking, but I also always loved her previous take on it which was incororated into her other books. I haven’t seen the book or the series yet, I am anxious.


  4. Sandy, thanks for your comments.I’m not against quick cooking either, but I just feel that Nigella’s comments were the soul of her books.I have been thinking about this, and have realised that mainly it’s the numbered step-by-step method which has the soul missingeg1. cook the pasta2. open the jar of pasta sauce3. serveObviously, not as bad as that, bu you get the picture!:-)


  5. What a pity! I haven´t ordered the book yet but I´ve seen the clip on The Times site and was wondering what made other people percieve “a very happy Nigella” , because I was only seeing a forced cherfulness. I love Nigella for making me start cooking in the first place and then enjoying it too, but…I think I´ll wait with buying The NE. Specially after reading your review, wich I´m grateful for.


  6. I like this book, though a bit too much Asian food for my taste (not my fav cuisine). The chatty parts are moved from the actual recipes to the intro, which I think is a good thing… I am often confused when cooking something for the first time, having so much chatter in between the instructions. I also like that you don’t have to turn the page to continue the recipe!But we are all different, and I agree that this book is quite different from her previous books.As K-J says, I hope it grows on you Sweetie! Maybe I should start a blog just to join K-J in inspiring you ;-)Hug from Maria xx


  7. Maria, hi!! Lovely to ‘see’ you here.I never thought of it like that, that Nigella has simply moved the chat to the intros.That actually makes me feel better!!!Let me know if you start a blog – the more inspiration the better.Oh, and by the way, I just tried the ‘go get ’em’ smoothie after you were raving a bout it – and yes, it’s absolutely scrumptious!!xx


  8. Gosh Anna, that’s bad news really. I’ve not purchased the book yet simply because i’m not that impressed with the show. I really wondered what has happened to Nigella. Jamie’s book on the other hand look fantastic!paola


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