10 comments on “Family get-togethers – the evidence

  1. Anna, that is exactly how I show my love and appreciation for friends and family too. Food! What an awesome meal you put. I started a journal recently too, to keep track of the events that sometimes go by too quickly and I need to savour again later on.


  2. All your menu and food looks wonderful 🙂 I’m looking to make the muffins this week, mmm!It’s a lovely idea to write down details of parties, I’m going to start doing that!KJxx


  3. What a feast! I loved reading about it and seeing the pics, Anna. That’s great that you’ve recorded all those memories!Everything looks delicious.


  4. This is like something from a movie:) I like the journal thing, I guess it´s fun to be able to look back and recall nice memories. You have lot of nice food on the table…can I visit sometimes? (and then you could show me your appreciation, hehe)vsxx


  5. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.((()))Amanda, those muffin cases were sent to me by a friend in Finland. They are really great, because they stand on their own (IYKWIM)xx


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