10 comments on “More thoughts on Nigella Express…

  1. If it’s not good as a ‘stand alone’ book, best to view it then in the larger picture. I’m inspired by you having 16 of the recipes under your belt. Ever since you mentioned the WWs chocolate mint bars, I’ve been thinking about joining…lol. Lea xxx


  2. Anna, I just blogged about the salmon too.. Haha. :)My first opinion of NE is that I LOVE IT, but I can’t justify eating so many rich things… even if I portion it out, I’d think I would get in two spoonfuls, and I simply can’t eat that way. I think NE will be my indulgences book. I so wish I could join in on the fun, but will have to live vicariously I think. Or I just have to have more parties or fatten up my coworkers… LOL.xoxoIlana


  3. Lea – Those chocolate mint bars are reason enough to join WW, ha ha!Ilana – I’m SO glad that you LOVE Nigella Express!! There’s no better feeling than falling head over heels with a new cookbook (well, maybe there is, but you know what I mean…) I’ll go and see your blog now…


  4. You are doing so well Anna, sticking to your points 🙂 Great food too :)I did buy a jar of pasta sauce for the chilli recipe. It was a good chilli, but it felt very strange buying something that has never seen the light of day in my kitchen before! I’ll use some of Giada’s marinara next time ;)KJxx


  5. KJ, I’m making the chilli with the jarred pasta sauce tonight! :-)I don’t think it would have been too much hassle to simply fry off a few veg and add a jar of tomato passata instead though.xx


  6. I’m so curious about this book, it’s eating away at me. Anna, do your kids eat liver? It’s never made an appearance at my table, but I might give it a go!


  7. Anna, I’m glad it’s growing on you! I never buy jarred sauce either, but yes, the chili was fab. And yes, with more time ahead, one can of course make the sauce from scratch!


  8. Hi Anna, I know this is really late on the scene, but I am so glad to finally read this post. I couldn’t agree more about the book being a part of a ‘collection’ for us foodies, but I am sure those less inclined to cooking would appreciate it where they might find nothing in (say) HTBADG. In any case, right now – with a clingy babe, ALL the shortcuts are a welcome addition to me:) LOL I love the caramelized onions for instance, but agree if I can take the time to do the extra step (for me that’s dicing veg rather than buying pre-cut which I’ve not seen) well and good:D I am sure Nigella is happy for us to have the ‘express’ stop at a station here and there;)


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