7 comments on “My 10 out of 10 Nigella Express recipes thus far…

  1. I am enjoying your reviews so much Anna. I feel like you are really prepping me for when my book arrives in another week or 2. The smoothie is first on my list to try.


  2. Hi Anna,I haven’t got the book yet but did try a version of the smoothie this morning- soy milk instead of real milk and cocoa powder instead of ovaltine. It was pretty good!paola


  3. Sandy, thanks, I hope I’m not letting too much out of the bag?…I keep forgetting that not everyone has the book yet!KJ, it’s a great idea isn’t it to keep the bananas in the freezer ready to use, I never would have thought of that.Paola, that sounds good!Did you sweeten it too?


  4. Anna, I’m loving NE as well although I’m nowhere near as close to you with my baking!I have tried the hokey pokey (that didn’t set!)so far.Last night I made the rocky road bars and at the weekend I’m doing the chicken cesar cornets for a picnic lunch.


  5. Hey Anna!Funny, the recipes that didn’t work for you provided us with one heck of a feast Saturday evening! It’s such a fantastic book!! I have a feeling I’ll be following in your footsteps at this rate. I’ve made 8 recipes in the past two days!paola


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