8 comments on “Hello from me!

  1. Anna, I wish you to get back on your feet very soon! The flu is so horrible.Elena is beautiful, and your new furniture looks fab!Take care and come back soon!Jxx


  2. Anna, hope you get well very soon, healing vibes on your way. I love, love your new piece of furniture!! And the chocolate colour of your walls 🙂


  3. Hi AnnaThis flu that is going around is just awful we’ve all had it for over two weeks and it really does knock you about, make sure you look after yourself, shopping and food can wait.I can’t believe how long you’ve waited for your furniture to arrive but they were definitely worth the wait, they are absolutely gorgeous.I love your new sous chef, tell Elena she is doing a great job! Vi xx


  4. Get well soon, Anna! There’s nothing like staring at a beautiful Christmas tree when it’s dark and miserable outside though, so I hope that cheers you up! I love your furniture, btw and that soup sounds very interesting!Paola


  5. Hope you do feel better soon Anna, these bugs that aregoing round are just horrible – and especially at this time of year when we need more energy!Your new furinture is beautiful 🙂


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