8 comments on “Ilana and the rugelach.

  1. Oh, they look so good, Anna. And, look at Mr. Pastry Brush. He really gets into it, doesn’t he? Somehow I missed reading about that challenge, as well. Great post!Lea xx


  2. Well done, Anna. Thank you for taking up my challenge. Yours look so good and professional! :)I’m glad you enjoyed them. Maybe you’ll start a tradition of making them every Hanukah, like me. :)xoxoIlana


  3. They are delicious, aren’t they! I actually made them last week, before reading about it in Ilana’s blog. They were certainly popular – got hoovered up by my flatmates in a day or two. Yours look fantastic 🙂


  4. Mmmmm they look delicious.Why oh why do you have this terrible hold over me, when you describe how delicious things are I just NEED to make them because I know you are right.I still think your clever idea with the St Tropez chicken is genius.Vi xx


  5. Oh yum yum yum. I have been so busy at work lately that my blog reading (and posting) has taken a huge nosedive so trying to catch up a little now. Maybe I’ll make these over Christmas.Gemma x


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