5 comments on “Super food breakfast bars.

  1. It seems like everyone raves about these – so I have bought a 1.5 kilo bag of rolled oats to try and make them myself! I’m not big on cereal, (though I do like Nigella’s muesli) so I look forward to these! Yours look lovely – and I love the idea of throwing linseeds, etc in the mix.


  2. I LOVE porridge! Although it’s been so mild this winter we haven’t made any until now. Your breakfast bars look great though and such a good idea of you don’t like porridge … really healthy.pi xxx


  3. Anna, your bars look delicious! For several years I had porridge every morning but never felt well after eating it (starch)…so nowadays I think super food is food that makes ME feel super. If you don´t like it, then it´s no good for you anyway:)vsxx


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