14 comments on “Anna’s food pic tag – Top 10 food pics. Let’s have some fun!

  1. Hi Anna,Your pictures look amazing, its just like looking at a great cookery book.Thank you for tagging me, I will sort them out after dinner.Vi xx


  2. Gorgeous looking food Anna. You’re a star cooking food for other people while you’re on such a strict diet. Well done with the weight loss…..WOWI lurve your new hairdoo, suits ya.Love Hevz xxxx


  3. Anna, great idea with the pictures! I want some pistachio fudge! Also, how did you manage to lose weight? I really want to lose some too. Can hardly do so reading and cooking so many yummy things the blogging world posts!:)


  4. Wonderful pictures Anna & likewise I must browse my Nigella books again!I’ve now have found your blog link Anna & I will be adding your blog link on my site 🙂 Rosie x


  5. Hey Anna; Ooooh thanks for the tag. I will go through my pics very soon to see what I have to offer! Your pictures are fantastic and I’m so glad you’re doing LL with me :)Amy xxx


  6. Hey Anna, thanks for starting the top 10 food pictures chain. I got tagged by someone further down your chain, and it was a fun experience compiling my favorites. Oh, and your pomegranate ice cream looks delicious!


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