16 comments on “Red eggs, kataifi and chocolate muffins

  1. Happy belated Easter, Anna! Oh,the tradition with dying the eggs with leafs we have too…I haven´t done that for a long time thoug…I get all nostalgic her 😀 Also seeing the kataifi brings back memories from Greece: I like this dessert a lot althou it´s wuite sweet. Yours look just perfect, isn´t it hard to make it? Is that pastry soft from the start? How do you rool them up? Anyway, you seemed to have had a great weak:)vsxx


  2. it is a Chinese tradition to have red (hard boiled) eggs (no leaf imprint though) during one’s birthday or a child’s one month celebration traditionally…..of course, I don’t see them now and yr red eggs brought back memories of my childhood. Tks.


  3. Thanks all for your lovely comments and taking the time to stop by!Granny, thanks for letting me know the pic had got on to TS, I didn’t know :-)Eva, once we got into the swing of rolling the pastry up, it wasn’t too difficult. Afterwards we learnt, from my daughter-in-law’s mother, that one can place a wet tea towel for about 10 minutes over the kataifi before wrapping it up, in order to moisten it.We didn’t do that though, and they still worked out – though we did brush a little oil over before wrapping up.xx


  4. Happy Late Easter! I found your egg photo on tastespotting, and it captured my attention because I noticed the leaf pattern… which reminded me of my grandmother who dies her eggs like that too for Easter (the same way you described in your post). I guess it gave me some good memories 🙂


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