6 comments on “Thank you!

  1. What a wonderful post Anna. I love how you’ve told us about meeting Vi. I felt the same when through the n.com pages I met Carlotta, scary to be meeting someone over the internet but such a wonderful experience too, leading to a great friendship being forged.You deserve the awards Anna.


  2. It is great that you were able to connect with someone virtually on your doorstep who you would otherwise probably never met had it not been for the internet. That is truly one of the wonderful things about it! I feel the same from being on both Nigella.com, but more from Violets, where it is such fun to talk with like minded people from all sorts of countries and ways of life. It truly keeps life very interesting!


  3. Anna, you always touch my heart, and it’s really a pleasure to read your thoughts. You are such a wonderful soul, and I feel like we’ve always been friends. Vi is so lucky that she lives (somewhat) nearby.I bet you make a lot of people’s days, always!Thank you for your kind words.Lots of love, SomH,Lisa


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