8 comments on “Aphrodite delights

  1. I would love to see Turkish Delight being made like that, what a shame that you couldn’t share that with your children. I bet tasting it made up for that though.Lovely to hear about your wonderful summer.Francesca x


  2. One has to wonder about ‘progress’. Those Aphrodite Delights look so fabulous. I suppose at *least* they are still there making their product. Thank goodness for that – and your children have YOUR memories of the making of these sweets:)


  3. I loved seeing in the back of the old shops too. They have got a viewing area now so you can watch the Cypriot Delights being made.http://www.aphroditedelights.com/easyconsole.cfm/id/68We are pleased to inform you of the opening and functioning of our new Guests Reception Area and Show Room on the first floor of our new factory, which is located in the industrial area of Geroskipou (only two minutes from the Square of Geroskipou and our old factory, and three minutes from the Geroskipou beach).In this beautifully designed and furnished area, our visitors and guests can easily observe the production of our traditional products while it takes place on the ground floor, and are welcome to have a taste from our fully stocked shelves, as well as purchase if and when one wishes.


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