11 comments on “Curry (and crappy carrot cupcakes!)

  1. Anna, she’s so cute! Just like her mum :-)The curry looks delicious, and well, your description of the cupcakes is funny! I hate throwing stuff away too but if they were that bad, then that’s where they had to go…


  2. Anna, I do indeed know I have heard you mention this curry before – because I always think ‘I should get that book’ (haven’t yet though:)). Do you taste *any* difference in it by cutting the amount of oil so dramatically? Perhaps your tastebuds have altered so that you could find going back to the ‘old’ way seems too oily now?As to the baking ‘minging’ (?:)) good for you for experimenting:D LOL And good for your gorgeous girl for being honest enough to tell her mum the great cook that they had the flavour of a ‘kitchen sink’! LOL Funny girl – better luck next time, nothing ventured nothing gained.


  3. Coby, I guess it does taste slightly different by cutting the oil out, but not in a bad way. In fact it was good not to see an oily pool sitting on the surface of the curry.Hubby had the curry for 2 meals yesterday! He said it was the best curry I’d ever made!:-)xxx


  4. Thanks so much for the comments! :-)Sandy, the curry recipe is Madhur Jaffrey’s ‘chicken in a fried onion sauce’.It’s a recipe I’ve made constantly for about the last 20 years – it’s THAT good!xx


  5. Your curry looks delicious Anna!! Oh boy sorry to hear about your cupcakes, the best of us certainly have days like this – I know do for sure, have to say they look good to me :)Awe what a lovely pic of your daughter :)Rosie x


  6. Duh, I just noticed you mentioned that in your post. Sorry. :)It looks divine, and I love Madhur. I have one of her books, but the ingredients and procedures are always so long.I’m going to google this one. Thanks.


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