12 comments on “What do all these recipes have in common?

  1. They are all from Nigella Express, of course! They all look yummy! I haven’t tried the coq au reisling or the galette yet but they look delicious 🙂


  2. Anna they are all from Nigella Express :o)Thanks for posting these wonderful pics of the recipes you have tried from the book, it makes me want to try even more recipes now!Mariax


  3. Anna, they all look delicious. You inspired me to try the smoothie at the weekend – I did it with the coffee essence rather than the peanut butter, it was delicious.


  4. Glossy, I’m glad you tried the smoothie, lovely isn’t it!I put everything in mine the peanut butter and the coffee, LOL. I even added a mango that was lying around!Nothing is safe…..


  5. Okay I’m now addicted to the smoothie!! I’ve made it so many times in the last week or so – it was a great Monday morning breakfast today, thanks for the inspiration!


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