6 comments on “I love my slow cooker!

  1. I love slow cooking but I don’t have a slow cooker….I have hinted many times, but my hints always land on deaf ears.That is a very useful link too, I never thought of cooking anything but stews in a slow cooker.


  2. I love my slow cooker too. Especially since it has a timer, so even if I’m a little late it all works out. I have a few books at home on using the slow cooker, I will see what other recipes I can pass your way Anna. 🙂


  3. I got the link from Karen, she is always saying how much she enjoys Stephanie’s blog. I’ve taken to reading it right from the beginning, I’m really enjoying it!Sandy – I’d be grateful for any recipes you can pass my way. I’m going to try the roast chicken soon!


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