7 comments on “The easiest Sunday dinner ever!

  1. I agree. I love Sunday dinners, but they are not as easy as they were when the kids were tiny. This sounds yum. I’m going to try it this Sunday!ThanksBobbie


  2. The slow cooker is great! The house smells so good when you walk through the front door. Your dinner looks wonderful!Anna, you write beautifully. You’re by far my fav blog writer. Lea xx


  3. As much as I love my Sunday roasts, I find they involve a lot of work and you end up feeling like you’ve spent the whole day in the kitchen. Which is why I love stews or casseroles, less work but deliver the comfort factor each and every time.Mariax


  4. That sounds wonderful Anna, Sundays are really busy days, it is hard to fit in a roast dinner, I don’t know how often I mean to make it on Sunday but it ends up as a Monday dinner instead!


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