11 comments on “Happy New Year 2009.

  1. Recently found your blog and enjoying it..so thought would maybe post. I know what you mean about cooking…when I became a empty nester…the need to bake etc disappeared and my cooking for me and hubby became functional. I have just started to find my cooking mojo again after a couple of years…and having just purchased Nigellas Christmas book and made the squash and sweet potato soup….of which I have frozen some…well this was sooooo delish….oh and of course ordered myself a new mixer…I wanted the Kitchenaid but rather expensive after Christmas…so went on Amazon read reviews and have plumped for the Kenwood Patissier, so glad purchased when I did has just gone up £50 from when I purchased…it should arrive today.Oh the Bisto granules bit made me laugh…I was brought up on those, so know what you mean…anyway all for now will pop back again.


  2. Happy new year Anna!Hopefully it won’t be long before your new house feels like your home…I love ‘proper’ gravy but was also brought up on Bisto, if I need comfort or miss my Mum I make up some Bisto, instant comfort food.


  3. Nothing like cooking smells wafting through a house to make it a home Anna:) I’m so pleased to hear you have conquoured your gravy wall:) No turning back now! Best wishes for your new home in this New Year:) How lovely to be close to many of your family members:):)


  4. Hi Anna:) Thought I posted a comment, but perhaps I didn’t – so like me:) Just wanted to wish you well for your new home in the New Year and remind you that there is nothing like the aroma of a home cooked meal to turn a house into the home you want:) Happy New Year!


  5. Lovely to see you blogging once again Anna. Wishing you all the very best in your new home and Happy new Year to you and your family.Hugs Rosie x


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