12 comments on “The Pioneer Woman Cooks

  1. Anna! I feel like your blog has been eluding me for a while. Nice to be back here reading it. I have a thing for American recipes too…maybe it's because we always seemed to look to American culture here in NZ when I was growing up. Or because their food tastes so good! The fact that this woman started out as a blogger and now has a book is pretty inspirational.


  2. This is a lovely cookbook. I gave a copy of it to my sis-in-law this evening as a birthday gift. She was thrilled! These are my kind of recipes, Anna. Just love them. What have you made? xo


  3. I'm a fan of her too. I also love Bakerella (do you read her blog?) and last year Bakerella and Pioneer Woman met up and cooked up a storm in PW's kitchen! I so wanted to be there!!


  4. I've become a regular reader of her blog also, and I've made several of her recipes. The restaurant-style salsa is a winner! But Anna, I've been to Oklahoma. I don't think you want to move there.


  5. Anna, I have heard about this woman for a while, but this is the first time I've seen her picture. I'm afraid I had her 'type cast' as a bit of a younger fuller-figured Granny Clampit, complete with long skirt and apron, obviously NOT! I hope you cook some of these recipes, they sound delicious:D


  6. I love The Pioneer Womans blog, so I really have to order this book. I also have a thing for american recipes and cookbooks, so this looks like a must have. Thanks for the recommendation Anna 🙂


  7. I haven't heard of this cook either – I find American cooking interesting too, with all the sticks of butter and quarts and broilers!


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