18 comments on “Elena’s 12th Birthday Cake AKA Lorraine Pascale’s Red Velvet Cake

  1. Wow! That looks amazing! I still don't get the dowelling bit (I assume they go through the cake underneath?) but hey, it looks wonderful! Happy Birthday Elena! It's birthday week here too- cakes for school and home! Might have to convince one of the kids they need a fondant cake!


  2. Happy birthday to Elena! I can't believe she's turned 12 already!Congratulations on the cake, Anna! It's gorgeous and you can be proud of your achievement.


  3. Anna, I have only just come across your blog. The cake turned out magnificent, you have done a great job. Oh and it looks delicious too.Hope Elena had a fabulous birthday.Katena x


  4. hi Anna, I have just been reading about the amazing two tier cake you made. I have seen the three tier version on Baking Made Easy. I'm just wondering how many your two tier version served? The three tier version is apparently for 100, but seems too small for that many? Or is it just quite rich (and therefore small serves only required.I want to make a cake for 55 people.Thanks for your help!!


  5. Hello,it was a long time ago now, but as far as I remember we only used the top layer on the day for about 10 of us. The bottom layer, I'm sure, would have served about 15-20. I think only a tiny piece each is needed when there are a lot of people. Hope this helps.


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