3 comments on “March Memories- Kate’s Photographic challenge

  1. Hi Anna, my name is Mario and I am your new friend on the UK Foodblogger. Thanks for the add. I am from California and wanted to stop by and say hello. What a great blog you have and what a photo challenge! I am looking forward to seeing your creative interpretations. Let me know if you’d like ideas. I also write a blog about love and relationships told tru stories of food and recipes. Sometimes I write about Food and recipes told through stories of love and relationships. Please stop by and visit my blog. Maybe leave a comment. Or maybe even Follow. That would be a real treat. Thankshttp://mangiawithmario.blogspot.com


  2. Thank you Anna! I'm so excited to see what people come up with – even if you don't manage all 16. I've realised that I'm actually on holiday for the last 10 days of March, so have much less time to do it… better get the camera out this weekend I think!!!Kx


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