13 comments on “Whoopie Pies. Yet another first attempt.

  1. Your whoopie pies look delish Anna 🙂 I made whoopies last weekend for the first time and I also made the mistake of measuring mine in a quarter cup measure. OOOPS! They were absolutely massive! I may need to invest in a whoopie pie tin soon 😉


  2. I laughed out loud when i read you pies were the size of side plates – i love to hear that others have similar baking experiences to me! They look delicious, i have yet to have a go at making these.


  3. Anna, you have inspired me to give these a go. I have them in the oven as I type this. I used a different recipe to yours, but hopefully they will taste great. I will let you know how they turn out.


  4. They look yum, even if they were humungous! I still haven't made any whoopie pies, I'm so behind with the times! I'm a bit cupcake-d out too and have been for a while, so I should really try these out!


  5. I have just been sent a new whoopie pie book to review so I am going to have a go at them. Think I am going to try to make the small ones first (So I just get frizbees rather than bin lids) they look lovely though and its good to share x


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