14 comments on “Eliopitta. Cypriot olive cake.

  1. Those crespo olives are very easy to find here -at least the ones with the pits in, and I also bake a lot of savoury cakes for picnics, as nibbles, etc. I'm bookmarking your recipe :-)xx


  2. I love this cake. You gave us a slightly different recipe years ago and I used to make it a lot. It had evaporated milk in it for a start and there was no mint. I'm going to try this one at the weekend. Thanks Anna.Francesca x


  3. Oh my gosh!!Fran, it's the same recipe but I've accidentally missed out the evaporated milk!!I'll amend it now!(I didn't use to add mint, but it's very traditional in Cypriot olive recipes that's why I use it now. Though I guess it's optional)Thanks Fran! X


  4. I tried the recipe Anna and thank you! It was very last minute but I wanted to let you know I used Bob's Red Mill gluten free flour, Ener G Egg replacer and rice milk and this recipe STILL came out!!!!!! One quick question though, I ended up accidentally using 1 tbsp of baking soda : ( BUT my question was, why didn't my bread rise? I did use two small loaf tins, so would it have risen better in a bundt tin?


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