13 comments on “Kate’s photographic challenge ~ March.

  1. KJ and Julie, I think it's the candlelight which makes that photo pretty, I have it as my desktop background.Maritsa, I really had to use that photo, I should have asked you first, but I'm glad you're so pleased! xxx


  2. Hi Anna!Thanks for your kind comment on the meatball soup! I have just spent the last half hour reading you posts on this page … what a fun place to be! I kind of wish I had the gumption to do the photo challenge! I, too, love your cupcakes and candlelight photo and your sunset was so lovely the night you snapped that 'out my window' shot!I will be making the olive quick bread bundt! Looks so savory and moist! Long and short of it, I'm your newest follower! Keep on blogging!


  3. Hi Anna. Thank you for the nice comments on my blog. I'm so glad to have found your blog.I like your 'currently obsessing on' cookbooks. I love going to hummingbird bakery. Might be visiting this weekend to pick up some cupcakes. I also have been watching Raymond Blanc Kitchen Secrets. There are many delicious recipes I wanted to try from the series so far. :)Have a nice weekend.


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