19 comments on “Two dishy Cypriots…

  1. I think slow cooked lamb is hard to beat – what a lovely dish.The cake looks a gorgeous crumbly texture too. I don't think you cheated with the title – I think both these dishes are stunners!


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me the chance to find yours. I was born in Scotland and can remember the excitement of my mum when the Cyprus Potatoes arrived in the shops. Won't say how long ago that was! This recipe will give me the chance to use them another way and to remember my mum. Enjoying reading your blog and look forward to many more great recipes.


  3. What an amazing blog you have! I must try this semolina cake. Can you substitute the mastic with anything? It's not something I can get here. Or do I just leave it out? Thanks!


  4. Oh my..you had me at potatoes and rice "together"! I read over the ingredients but I was thinking if it would be alright to use pork chops instead of lamb?? What do think Anna? I know lamb has such a sweet taste but my husband doesnt like it that much. Regardless Im making this dish..thanks for sharing it!!


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