20 comments on “Bourekia me anari

  1. Wow, they look amazing! There is something similar in Italy made with ricotta and they are drooltastic so I'm sure there are too… Hear hear on the 'real' ricotta too, like mozzarella, the stuff in supermarkets is nowhere near the same as the real thing – even better if you can get it from Buffalo milk…Claudine xx


  2. Hello Anna and Christos Anesti!Nice finding your blog through your comment. Your bourekia look amazing. I wish I could find anari in Holland but I'm afraid it's not going to happen. I can barely find feta!Magda


  3. Oh yes, fried pastries with cheese and cinnamon – I can't think of many things I'd enjoy more. Had no idea you could make cheese out of whey, very interesting.


  4. Hi,Anna!I am glad you visited my blog so I could visit yours!I have never tried this cheese,I will look for it!Your bourekia seem really yummy!Greetings from Greece,dear!


  5. Oh, those look soooooo good!!! Definitely will be trying this!By the way, with blogger being down all day yesterday and it deleting all my comments from my post yesterday, I could not answer your question on Sriracha… but.. now I can :)Sriracha is a hot chili sauce – here's a linkhttp://www.huyfong.com/no_frames/sriracha.htmorhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sriracha_sauce


  6. Exquisita receta muy sabroso el relleno y bien elaborada,me encanta,me gustan tus recetas,me quedo en tu cocina,mi cocina es auténtica y tradicional de Chile de comidas y dulces Chilenos,cariños y abrazos.


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