5 comments on “Goubes/ kibbe/ kubbeh/ ostrich eggs?!

  1. Oh! I feel terrible for not visiting … I thought you had gone for an extended visit to your relatives in Cyprus! Speaking of … these little pockets look wonderful … as do the pastry pockets from your previous post!A question on the bulgur wheat … is this like a flour? I can get bulgur inmy market, but it is a coarse grind, almost like wheat germ flakes … hmmm a mystery to me.


  2. Hi Susan,No, the bulgar wheat is simply a finer grain than is normal in our UK supermarkets. It's not as readily available. It usually states 'fine grain' on the packet as opposed to 'coarse grain', though I'm wondering wether the coarse grain could be whizzed up in the processor for a few seconds to break it up a bit?If all else fails, I'm sure they'd still be good made with coarse grain.


  3. This is really interesting , love the post too!, i tired a pumpkin kibbeh dish but it was quite different. I would like to try this.A friend of mine grew up in Cyprus.


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