7 comments on “Louvana (Yellow split pea soup)

  1. Anna, I seriously want to make this recipe but don't have access to the yellow split peas – could I use red you think? LOL I had to wonder how you go, getting through customs with your suitcase of deliciousness! Gosh this sounds so healthy and comforting – you are so good at finding me these kinds of recipes thank you:):)


  2. Maria – Thank you. Coby- I'm sure you could use red, is there such a thing as red split peas or are they the same as red lentils? Either way, I'm sure you could use them. Or even split chickpeas, if they were soaked the night before. Do let me know if you try it. X


  3. Gaaa, no you're right, I am getting my pulses mixed up! Sorry Anna, I read 'split' and completely got myself mixed up:O I have red split LENTILS, not peas. Thank you, I'll give them a go for lunch today and see how I get on:D It's too wonderful a recipe not to try it right away! Thanks so much for getting back to me in plenty of time for my lunch;)PS, I hope you are doing OK.


  4. The only thing is – I've been thinking – won't red lentils go completely mushy? The yellow split peas remain individual though very mushy. I wonder if you can time the red lentils so they are completely tender, but before they disintegrate completely?do let me know how you get on Coby.


  5. Hi Anna:) I decided to hold off to get the real deal instead:) Yellow split-peas are the way to go:) I ended up playing with the recipe. I know I can trust your original version will work, so will keep that up my sleeve for a day when the pantry is bare;) I just got a great load of vegetables from my parents…..blog entry on it shortly;) THANK YOU for the recipe – you've inspired me once more:D


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