26 comments on “River Cottage Golden Syrup Cake

  1. Anna this cake looks so delicious! I am going to do as you say and bake it asap, I like to do as I'm told 😉 I've ordered the book and can't wait for it to arrive 🙂 x


  2. Nickki, lol, I hope I wasnt tooo bossy!! I'm glad you ordered the book. Lenia, filakia right back at you! 🙂 xxLauren, I'm sure you're right about the yoghurt! It would have kept for days I'm sure if it had lasted long enough!Michael, I'm sure you'll love it! I can't see a single negative thing about this cake. It's awesome!


  3. *sigh*Anna, that's just not fair!! I'm ithe process of making the RC Bounty Bar cake you blogged the other day and now I find this…*sigh again*I guess I'll have to make this one next… Such a hardship!!:-) xx


  4. Mmmm, how scrumptious…I feel like I can smell the syrup and butter…oh my mouth is watering now! :)Would love to have a sliver!!!Tammy♥


  5. You know I really like that it starts with *250G* of golden syrup! What a winner:) I'm expected to bake a couple of things for an upcoming school event – think this one might just make an appearance:P Thanks Anna!


  6. This cake looks like something right up my alley! I have a question, though, Anna. What exactly is golden syrup? Love the way you placed the paper in the loaf pan too… duh! I have never figured out how to line a loaf pan and now I know because of your photo!


  7. I love all of the River Cottage handbooks – so good and the recipes have never failed me. Now I really want to make this cake…


  8. I'll be definitely making this. My family love golden syrup and best of all I have a big pot of yoghurt that needs using up! This must be fate!


  9. omg this is amazing! My son said this is the best syrup cake I've tasted and I think we should hide it from Dad! My husband often gets the munchies and the kid's treats often disappear!! This is definitely a keeper and will be made time and time again.


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