10 comments on “My Yiayia and Black eyed beans (Louvi)

  1. Sorry for your loss. Your Granny sounds like a special lady and I love that you're thinking of generations to come. This recipe sounds lovely, simple, yes, the best things are I think. All the best.


  2. Anna, my condolences for your grandmother. She was blessed to live a long life and see her family growing and may she now rest in peace. Whenever I travel to Cyprus I always bring along all sorts of Cypriot products 🙂


  3. Sorry to hear about your giagia.Also: The way we do them in cyprus is you boil the black eye peas when they're done, add Greens and boil in the same pot as the beans till they're done /In another pan you boil a maroon or a courgette [ in large pieces ]Then this is how the meal comes together, each individual person fixes their own plate, this isn't something you can mass-prepare – don't try it.Put in the plate your beans with your greens, put 2-3 pieces of maroon/courgette and cut lots so it goes mushy, add spring onion, onion, tomato, olive oil, salt and a tin of tuna on top – some people like to cook a sea bass or a trout and put it on the table for the family to put on the dish. then LOTS of lemon.What happens is as you mix them in the lemon olive oil tuna onions all release a flavour that makes for a perfect very "floaty" dish of goodness, and i guess works like a warm salad.Use bread to dip out the goodness of the juice.Also: black eye peas usually take about 40-50 minutes to cook.Thanks.


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