11 comments on “Coby’s tuna Mornay

  1. Oh Coby is indeed such a lovely person! I miss the good old days over at Nigella's forum. I also have a few recipes of Coby's which I make regularly at home. This tuna mornay sounds delicious (and very Australian too!) 🙂


  2. Anna, I am so touched, you have me crying at my desk! Happy tears, and to Granny, Maria, and Anon (Sandy?:)) you're all so lovely thank you. We've known each other for so many years now. How the time flies! ROFL how the waistline spreads and shrinks..a little;)I very much miss the old days, but then, it's perhaps a good thing in one way, as I don't seem to manage the time online I used to.I am glad you enjoyed the recipe Anna – I always worry when other people really try one of the recipes I post – in case my taste is just horrible and they wonder why on Earth I'd suggest they try it! Phew, I lucked out *this* time at least;)Nearly midnight here, and was about to turn off my computer when I saw your message. Anna, thank you, thank you so much. For everything. xx


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