6 comments on “The meatballs that morphed

  1. My daugther write comments in my recipes too, have some copybooks and she write.Love meatballs, anyway Im not sure what I will make tonight!! have some lentils to my son and daugther eat salads at night but the father????Have a nice weekend Anna, gloria


  2. Hi Gloria, I love my daughter's comments in my cook books, it makes me smile whenever I see one!Angela- Feast is my favourite cookbook of all time, so I'll never throw it away! LOLDom – the top photo is an old one as I forgot to take a pic of the meatballs before they morphed, so I hadn't actually doled them out to the family.I love them- but that would've made me furious!! LOLGranny- great idea!


  3. It probably says alot about my taste that many of MY own most favourite recipes are ones that are supposed to be geared toward children. All of the recipes in Kiddiefeast chapter for sure. I love things hot and spicy, and I am sure these meatballs are delicious, but I'd never turn down the original either. Kids/teens can be so finicky, you're such a great Mum Anna:)


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