14 comments on “Lemon curd & Nigella’s little Lemon puddings

  1. Anna I love all with lemon so these beauties are delicious to mne!! look amazing!, gloriaPS Im in facebook but dont participate so much but I would like in your group. I will see you there. (when I have a little time)


  2. This is really making me drool big time! It looks and sounds heavenly! I'd take lemon over chocolate any day and this is a perfect way with lemons. I'm new here and will enjoy looking around at all of your recipes.


  3. Oh those look heavenly Anna. I love home made lemon curd. If you want a stress free curd (LOL) Rita on Vi's has an amazing microwave one. Very easy and great results 🙂


  4. Why, oh why do I never think to make lemon curd until I see someone else's delicious dishes! These little cakes look just wonderful! I am so impressed with your 'crisis management' rescue of the curd … even in the heat! Good for you!


  5. Anna, you are the Indiana Jones of the food kingdom! A recipe post with you includes thrilling moments, suspense, cliffhangers and ultimately treasures with a culinary and satisfying ending. Bravo Anna!


  6. I always thought I didn't like lemon curd for some reason until i made lemon meringue cupcakes. Now I love it and regret always going for chocolate or berry flavours everytime the puddings look fab!


  7. Ooh that lemon curd looks so delicious, well done on making it! Love the little puddings too, imagine them being so good with that lemony layer!P.s. sent my fb request! Used to be a lurker on nigella.com, was surprised when the forums vanished!


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