4 comments on “Tava Lefkaritiko

  1. Hi Anna! First and foremost, HAPPY ANNIVERSAY! 26 years. Very cool. And what a lovely photo. 1985, right? In the UK, the average house price was 40,169 pounds. And a Gallon of Petrol was 1.88. Ronald Reagan was our President. Margaret Thatcher was your Prime Minister. Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Madonna and Springsteen ruled the sound waves. Back to the Future and Sylvester Stallone ruled the cinema. And Michael Jackson got a few of his friends together to record the song "We Are The World" as USA for Africa. So happy anniversary. You two have traveled quite a road together and witnessed a lot of history. And I imagine your husband must fight the inclination to gain weight as he has you for his chef! Celebrate, my friend!


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