7 comments on “‘Throw it all in the slow cooker’ soup!

  1. I Don't own a slow-cooker but many of my friends recommend them a lot… I think perhaps this winter I may give one a go as I do love this kind of slow cooked loveliness!… those mushrooms look wonderful!


  2. My mom uses it very often to make soups for us, esp. in the winter days, a large bowl of warm soup after work…just heavenly. I shall get one too. Your soup looks so appetizing and delish.


  3. It was worth waiting so long to eat such a great soup!Tο καλό πράγμα αργεί να γίνει,σωστά;Πολλά φιλάκια!


  4. This soup looks absolutely delicious!! I adore chunky soups like these. A slow cooker happens to be one of those gadgets which I don't (yet) own. To date, I've been able to do without one but I keep hearing rave reviews about them, especially for winter meals. Maybe one day 🙂 Lovely post!


  5. That soup looks brilliant Anna:) I've heard positive and negative comments on Slow Cookers. I don't own one, and don't feel a need, nor do I have the space right now. Being at home all the time, I can use my Dutch Oven to work like a slow cooker if I feel the need. I DO like the idea of something just simmering happily away all day very much – especially something like your delicious free style soup:D I'd never have any doubts you could pull such a treat off Anna:D


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