18 comments on “Apricot, white chocolate & macadamia cookies

  1. Oooh, I can't remember every combining apricots and macadamias before Anna, and your recipe has me wondering why I've not! These look so fabulous – what a brilliant debut to this monthly challenge:) Good going girl!


  2. Hey, it's great you've entered this month. You're always so good on commenting when it comes to the round-ups. These cookies sound divine, especially with those delicious macadamias. Thanks for participating.


  3. Hi Anna, thanks for stopping by my site with your kind words. Kate and I both happen to live in Brunei, but I've never met her! It's great that you're joining in this month's event, my last entry was a few months back and it was something with apricots too (although the theme was marzipan).


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