19 comments on “Dom, send the blog fairy out!

  1. Well. If there was a slice of this cake in front of me now i would, of course, be all forgiving. But I had a word with the blog fairy and shes not happy either. She explains that the rules are perfectly clear and you're only cheating yourself. Clearly i can only see one way round this and that's for you to come over and bake in penance for me!!! On a lighter note I can totally see why this is your favourite book. It's fab as are all those lovely cakes!


  2. Ooh I think the blog fairy can make an exception this month ;)Fantastic- everything looks simply mouthwatering, Anna. I am perhaps the biggest sucker for cinnamon buns, so I will definitely be checking that out!Thank you so much for visiting!xoxo,Tammy


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