19 comments on “A Birthday, a Charm, a Satay and a pie.

  1. Happy birthday. What do you mean a long time ago in the 60s? Surely it wan't that long ago was it? I seem to remember it clearly – well, bits of it. That is an extraordinary pie – I can't quite imagine the taste. I'll have to add it to my to do list.


  2. Oh Anna! iiiiiHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST LOVELY GIRL I 'KNOW'iiiiiI know your gorgeous family would have made your day special – and of course the charm is perfect:):)Mouth, watering, need, nutty, fix, NOW!! Both recipes are making me lustful for salty, spicy, sweet, decadent nutty Anna Birthday Meal:DMay your year see more of your dreams come true!LoveCoby


  3. Happy Birthday, Anna. The chicken looks marvelous and you have every right to be proud of it. I also think your pie is appropriately decadent :-). I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary


  4. Happy Birthday Anna!! Ok, I'm a day late, but still… hope it was a fantastic day!The chicken looks mouth watering!! And the pie.. well, who would turn away pie? Not me 🙂


  5. Happy, happy birthday, my friend!!! Hope your day was wonderful…and that every bite you ate was delicious. I love chicken satay…I don't think I've ever made it at home. Glad to have a recipe to try 🙂


  6. Happy belated Birthday, Anna! The chicken Satay and the Pie were a very tasty way to celebrate, and your new bracelet an appropriate finishing touch!!!Wishing you a whole great year!!XO


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  8. Belated Happy Birthday, hope you had a good day. Love Satay sauce (and used to love chicken before I became vegetarian) so I can imagine that was delicious. But your pudding I can unequivocally say – I WANT some.


  9. Hey Anna… I just had to tell you that I made your chicken in satay sauce tonight… I made a few changes, but pretty much stayed with the same ingredients and it was FABULOUS!! I'll be posting about it probably in a week or so! Thanks for the recipe 🙂


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