23 comments on “Arancini Di Riso

  1. Oh that looks really good Anna! I think I would make a little extra rice so I would have enough leftovers to make little beauties! Love the idea of stuffing them with mozzarella..yum!That's a real pity about the cheesecake..Have you ever tried Nigella's London cheesecake from HTBADG? That is lovely xx


  2. Mouth watering alert! You know little treats like this are far too easy to scoff quickly and then I end up with a belly ache…lol but I'd still be smiling;)Have to go and look at the recipe in Kitchen. Such a pity though. Mind you if the strike rate for Nigella's recipes is anything to go by, it should be a long time before another miss with any luck:D


  3. Great use of leftover rice… with a glass of wine, those cheesy rice balls would make a great dinner for me.Cheesecake, mediocre though, looks beautifully golden and crack-free.


  4. Mmmmmm….every time I see a post on these lovely arancini, I copy it to make. But I still haven't gotten to them. Yours look fabulous….and I've got that urge again 🙂


  5. that's a really cute way to use up leftover rice! you probably need to use quite sticky leftover rice though don't you? will say, a basmati rice pilaf work? anyway thanks for the heads up on the cheesecake, so I know I can skip that nigella recipe when I want cheesecake.


  6. Nice recipe I love these little munchies. Thought of you as I saw the Cox, Cookies and Cakes shop in london this weekend. Made for an interesting window display!


  7. This looks delish Anna – Great idea. Thanks for your lovely message on my blog, it's good to be back! Hope you are well and happy 🙂 Lucie xXx


  8. Anna, these are fabulous. I'm such a fan of the rizzo ball. Mmmmmmm. So tasty, and when ya dip in crumbs and deep fry them, it truly is delicious. 🙂 I'm stoked to find your blog. I'll be back for sure.


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