18 comments on “China Modern

  1. They look lovely. Perhaps I'll have to go and dig out my copy of China Modern and look through it again!You've reminded me that I've got some sushi rice somewhere, bought on a complete whim….


  2. Your sushi looks so pretty and so does that bowl. I do miss that easy access to Asian food that I had when living in the midlands. I go through phases of eating from different geographical areas. It's enjoy having friends over for a Japanese evening or a Moroccan one or whatever the latest craze I have is.


  3. These recipes look delicious! Thank you for some great and different ideas. I love Chinese food, but it's something I've never really cooked!I've recently posted a mouth watering balsamic red pepper jelly if you'd like to check it out!Have a wonderful day!Mary


  4. Whoa! This Asian phase is looking pretty darn delish! Love the duck sushi idea!!! They look like proper little bites! The mince on noodles looks really good too! Of couse, for me, any Asian noodle dish is like manna from heaven!Can't wait to see the Random Recipe post!


  5. Love this idea! Reminds me a friend of mine who is Korean. Her mom makes Korean sushi… it's beef strips on rice and cucumbers.. would have never thought to use duck!!


  6. i'm so happy to see more and more people interested in chinese, or in fact all asian cooking! ching he huang's not my go-to chef for chinese recipes, but I'm glad she's inspired you! the noodles sound and look delicious!


  7. Oh my … the duck dish looks amazing! The marinade sounds delicious! I really love Peking duck but it is, unfortunately, not available where I live 😦 So I also make do with recipes similar to this where I marinate the duck breast and then pretend I am eating something authentic from Chinatown! Great to see you trying so many Asian recipes 🙂


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