27 comments on “What do you get when you mix up Mary Berry and the Hummingbird bakery?

  1. These look lovely and suitably squidgy. It's great to have a recipe that looks so inviting but doesn't require that special, expensive chocolate – particularly since I've just eaten all the expensive chocolate.


  2. UH OH, let me just click "print this" and get going on it. After all, summer is nearly over and bathing suits won't be in my wardrobe for another year.Love it,Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green island


  3. hehe…if I bought some priced chocolate, they were usually eaten up before I had a chance to use them in the baking. ;-)) Your brownies look divine..and I love the chocolate cheese frosting a lot!


  4. If it's OK with you Anna, can I admit to liking the indulgent, extravegant brownies AND the equally indulgent but less extravegant versions? As long as they're chocolatey and moist, I'm IN:):) What a clever girl you are to combine such two delicious recipes!


  5. Oh goodie, another brownie recipe to try – I'd start to have withdrawal symptoms if I thought I'd come to the end of the line 😉 Love the idea of the cheese topping – yum.


  6. I think its nice to have recipes for both types of brownies. Your cake version looks delicious and my family will devour them. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary


  7. Hi Anna, just wanted to tell you I finally made these brownies! Sadly though I won't get to sample them because I gave them to a local cafe..I'm doing some baking for them this week. But the smell while they were baking were divine and they are probably the easiest brownie recipe I've ever made. They also cut really beautifully. As soon as I get some more cocoa powder I'll make a batch for home so I can try them (with the cream cheese icing!) xx


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