15 comments on “How to make a Christening Cake

  1. Anna, I am so impressed with this cake, you did a great job!I hope you don't mind, but I may steal your design idea, just love the train & have a twin Christening cake to do in October.


  2. Anna, you do make it sound like…well a piece of cake, but gosh I am SOO SO impressed with you:D I had no doubt, and I am glad you proved to yourself you had it in you:) Well done and ohh that beautiful little face on Lucas – he's just beyond adorable:D


  3. He's a sweetie! The cake looks amazing – I know I wouldn't be able to do anything nearly that fantastic. I'm sure the proud parents were really impressed!


  4. Fantastic, what an impressive achievement. it's natural to feel a little nervous if it's for something special but your friend knew she was asking the right person. Would love to have one of those baby blocks to munch on – rice crispies and marzipan, a novel combination which I know I would enjoy.


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