17 comments on “Mango and apple chutney

  1. I love mango chutney but for some reason I've never made it myself – I must get round to it. Eight weeks though? That's not fair. I've got the unpleasant habit of dipping breadsticks in the jar when I'm really peckish (and that's a lot of the time).


  2. I might try this Anna as we have 2 Mango trees in our garden! Unfortunately the monkeys eat most of them, but I do occasionally manage to pick up a couple that aren't full of simian teethmarks…Mango Chutney and Brie is also an amazing sandwich filling… as if you needed more temptation!


  3. Strangely enough I've never tried it although I love indian food!I'll have a very hard time with the 8 weeks of "probation" though..haha..Have a good weekend,Anna XO


  4. Oh you're a woman after my own heart – yum yum mango chutney. What a good idea making it with apple to bulk it out a bit. I made fresh mango chutney last year which kept in the fridge for quite a while and that was really good. But now I want a cupboard full of jars of homemade mango chutney – hang on in there, it will be worth the wait.


  5. ooooh this sounds great, i love mango chutney at indian restaurants. you know indian food was awesome when we lived in england, quite different to here in australia.


  6. Brilliant! I got a million apples in our organic vege box today, and was wondering what to do with them all aside from crumble! Mangos have also just come into season and are everywhere and cheap!


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