4 comments on “Beef and vegetable casserole, a hug from within during a challenging week.

  1. Beautiful Stew (or casserole)! Looks utterly delicious and just so comforting. Sorry to hear about the accident. I hope Mr. AAKT is having a good rest and will be well soon.


  2. Warming and comforting I'd say. I use a lot of marsala in cooking and this sounds an excellent place for it. I would never contradict Delia, of course, but I've just looked this up in Larousse and it says that stewing can take place either in the oven or on direct heat and so stew refer to the method of cooking. A casserole, on the other hand, is named after the lidded dish in which the food is cooked and that dish is intended for use in an oven. I hope the coming weeks are a lot less challenging for you and yours.


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