18 comments on “Nigel Slater’s Chicken with vermouth, tarragon and cream

  1. This sounds a lovely taste combination. But you'd never had tarragon? I'm shocked! Actually I agree that it's very pungent. I tried growing it myself and it's thriving in my little greenhouse and turning into a large bush while I only use tiny bits every now and then. Although I can strongly recommend making some tarragon vinegar. It's really easy to do and adds a much more subtle flavour to dishes. Really useful stuff.


  2. The dish sounds delicious. I use tarragon a lot with chicken dishes and fish. Unfortunately I haven't tasted fresh tarragon either as we don't get it in Greece. I can imagine that it tastes much better than the dried one I use.


  3. This sounds really good Anna. i love tarragon, but only use a little as I too find it rather overpowering.Anna, I hope you don't mind but I've tagged you on my blog to join in 'Food bloggers Unplugged'. Can't find your e-mail address so had to tell you on here! x


  4. I am one of those odd few who ADORES the taste of aniseed/ fennel etc! When I used to regularly pop over the channel I would stock up on this lush aniseed drink (not Pernod!)but its been so long I realise I have forgotten its name :(Saying that I am not convinced I would like the anissed taste and with chicken..maybe I will be daring and buy some tarragon as I do like the sound of it…!


  5. Although I have long been a vegetarian I have such good memories of this dish. It was my first introduction to French food at my French teachers house and I was nearly swooning. Have been in love with tarragon ever since, even though I'm not generally keen on aniseedy flavours.


  6. I love tarragon, so your dish is one I know I would enjoy. You did a great job with the execution of this recipe. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary


  7. You've just reminded me of a favourite recipe which I used to make many years ago. Real Food has always been one of my favourite books. And yes, you need to go easy on the tarragon as it can be a bit over-powering! But did you know that there are different types of tarragon with different levels of pungency? They also have slightly different tastes …


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