24 comments on “Happy New Soup! Errr, I mean, Year!

  1. That really is a lot of soup! I'm heartened by the knowledge that you can become a soup person. I want to like soup – it's such a handy way of using up veg, can be healthy and so forth, but I just don't really like it. Perhaps I should try some more adventurous varieties like yours rather than sticking to carrot or leek and potato!


  2. Great minds think alike…I just did a soup post, too! Love all your ideas…the one saving grace of this cold weather is that it's perfect for a piping hot bowl of soup. I think I'd pick the corn chowder first, then the minestrone…and then the rest 🙂


  3. Some great soups there, Anna. I was given one of the 'Covent Garden' soup books for Christmas, so I've just started looking for ideas. Will certainly try some of Nigella's recipes too. x


  4. C, there is always hope! Start with a few favourite ingredients for the most chance of loving it!Lizzy, I seem to have a problem commenting on your blog- I noticed you did a soup blog too :-))Snowy, I've just had one of those books too, looks great, but haven't cooked from it yet!Hi Maria *waves*


  5. We enjoy soups very much..Nigella..is foolproof:)I love your bowl w/ the words..so appetizing..I am always taken aback at murky looking soups(Mushroom etc) but they are delicious..Happy New Year:)


  6. All your soups look wonderful and are guaranteed to ward off winter's chill. I must admit a bit of bias. I adore corn chowder, so yours is the clear winner of the group in my eyes. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary


  7. Happy New Year Anna to you and your family. Nice to see you back and all soups are perfect for cold days like the ones we are now experiencing even in Greece.


  8. Ah but soup is just perfect in this weather. All of your soups look delicious and I now want to try the lentil and chestnut one – that sounds exceptionally good.


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