26 comments on “Off the Shelf ~ My Cook book challenge

  1. You've given yourself a real challenge, but I suspect it is one that will be great fun to tackle. You have some wonderful cookbooks in your collection. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary


  2. Sounds like a good plan that inspires me; I have so many books just sitting there. I jsut spotted you on Gloria's blog and thought I would drop in for a cup of tea.


  3. Wow, you have a LOT of cookbooks!!! I'm not a fan of buying them unless I've had them and inspected them (usually from the library) and I've deemed them worthy of my shelf. I have about 10 probably. To be fair, I'm the same way with books of the non-cooking variety ~ when I know I can get them for free from the library, that works for me! With recipes, it's the internet.


  4. I wish you a lot of luck with your personal challenge. My wife challenged me to cook one recipe from every book we own back in January 2009. I've managed around 75 books so far and that's less than half. I'm too easily distr … ooh, look a shiny thing.


  5. Thats a great idea, I need to do that too! Ive had the same guilt from buying new books as you and Ive had to curb my habit lolhave you tried websites like Eat Your Books? You put all your books on a database, and then when you want to cook something and you have say, a pumpkin and you cant think what to do with it you can just enter it into the search and all the books you have with a pumpkin recipe will show up! Its really helped me use my books more often! as its so much faster than scanning thru 2 or 3 books – it scans thru them all for you!


  6. wow that is quite a tough challenge, but i really hope you do it, and I'm sure you can and will do brilliantly! I for one, can't wait to look at all that you've cooked up!


  7. Sounds like a great idea to me, and something I could definitely do with joining you in! I'm glad to see someone else with as many bookshelves of cookery books as me. And even though I don't cook from them that often I'd hate to give them up! I am starting to feel pangs of guilt when I see new cookery books and think to myself 'No, must use the ones I already have'. I tend to crumble and buy the new ones too though!


  8. I think anyone who has more than five cookbooks is in this situation! Though my collection isn't as much as your utterly desirable one, I am guilty of the same. Looking forward to this very much …go ANNA!


  9. Brilliant challenge you've set yourself. It looks like it might take you some time. I've been tryng not to buy any books for some time as I have no where to put them, but it's very hard! When do the books from the loft come down???


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