26 comments on “I never grew up with meatloaf….

  1. Hahha! Oh I chuckled reading this! I didn't grow up on meatloaf either but oh, doesn't it sound and look delish! Seriously? No eggs? My life would feel deprived! A poached egg with hollaindaise sauce sat on a bed of wilted, buttery spinach is the tastiest heart attack waiting to happen sort of meal ever!


  2. Ah then you have the try the Spinach quiche on my blog. Barely any eggs really tastewise…kinda like a spanakopita sorta filling…smitten kitchen's recipe….YUM!


  3. Angela, I think that was my mother's desperation! Lol.Thanks Kelly and Elpi for your nice comments :DCarrie, will you promise me it doesn't taste eggy? Custard I like, as long as that dreaded egg taste isn't too prominent. But a scrambled egg type quiche? I couldn't cope with that! 😀


  4. We ate meatloaf a lot growing up – I think that is why I tend to stay away from it now as an adult. This does sound deliciously interesting though.. I may just have to make it now!


  5. this sounds just like my mums meatloaf recipe!! that i definitely grew up with. It must be passed around all us aussies hey?I did not grow up with haloumi or octopus thats for sure, in fact i'm pretty sure my parents have probably never even tried haloumi!


  6. Hi Anna:) You know I didn't grow up with meatloaf either – I always wanted to try it thanks to the myriad American sitcoms I enjoyed as a child. Mum being Dutch made lots of delicious meatballs though:) Life would have been pretty good growing up with octopus and halloumi on the table I recon:) I'm so touched you call this 'Coby's Meatloaf' thank you, it IS very yummy, lol and I still feel the same way about coffee as you do about eggs;) Thank you Brownieville Girl too:):)


  7. Also never had meatloaf as a kid, also hate hate hate HATE eggs. Even the smell of them cooking makes me queasy. Only in the past few years have I built up the ability to handled well-scrambled eggs as long as I have bacon or corn fritters or salsa or spinach so I can't taste them as much. Runny eggs however, are completely off the list. No freaking way.


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