15 comments on “My Mum’s Stifado

  1. I'm the other way round – I'm sure it's delicious with beef, but I absolutely love rabbit and wish it was used more often, and was more easily available ! When I go abroad, I always choose rabbit from a menu if I have the opportunity.


  2. I am hopeless when it comes to cooking rabbit – always ends up dry. Never had the chance to even taste hare – I imagine it's got a gamier flavour than the farmed rabbit we so often see here in Aus. Does the vinegar help offset the onion flavour Anna? I usually prefer onion as a 'helper' rather than a star:) This may sound crazy, but I am already picturing this as leftovers the next day – on a thick slice of toast…..probably not traditional though?:)


  3. that has got to be the shortest ingredients list I've seen in a long long while, it's amazing how good food can be so simple. often the simplest foods are the best (:


  4. Anna, I love the anecdote about this dish and it's really a lovely simple recipe that must be quite tasty. I'd love to give it a try whenever someone who will honour this dish the same way I will, will be around (ie no vegetarian or kid!)xx


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