20 comments on “Psarosoupa (Fish soup)

  1. Your psarosoupa looks so delicious! I love the idea of spring onions in! You re so lucky to have fresh fish at your disposal! Thank u so much for trying this and I m so happy you found my recipe interesting to give it a try!Kali Oreksi!


  2. It's been so cold this year that I've been making soups at least twice a week. Psarosoupa is one of our favourite and love the way you made yours.


  3. We are so land locked that there's no such thing as fresh fish…you are one lucky lady! I saw Elpi's fish soup, too, and both of your soups look delicious!


  4. This looks gorgeous – so colourful and healthy. I've only recently started cooking with fish, I was a bit scared of it before which sounds odd. My current fave is Delia's smoked haddock in a buttery chive sauce


  5. Anna,this has become a fast staple. As we find white fish boring it's a delcious way to get some in. I've tweeked your recipe slightly and use brown rica and young spinach too. I love this blog and wish I din't have to watch my weight :(loveTerry


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