32 comments on “I love you more than Baklava!

  1. Glad that I learn lots of Greek terms and pastry cooking from you today. Definitely, lots of ooooohs and aaaaaahs from me if I can have a bite of these delicious pastries.


  2. Wow, I completely agree – what's not to love about custard wrapped in crispy dough and dunked in syrup?! I'm not sure you can convince me to love it more than Baklava (because I don't know such a thing could exist for me), but it does look amazing…


  3. I only saw this for the first time on last year's Australian Masterchef – George's Mum made it and my gosh it looked delicious:) I haven't tried it, but I now know, if YOU like it, this is pretty much a guarantee I would too;)


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