11 comments on “Aunty Ourania’s apple cake

  1. Anna, I'm trying yet again to get this post to work! That looks just like the "Mom's apple cake" from Smitten Kitchen, in fact, the recipe is almost identical and she gives a really funny description of the origin of the recipe if you want to look it up! I tried making it and it didn't work but I fiddled with the recipe – id love to make this right now but I just can't afford the calories! Here's the link – http://smittenkitchen.com/2008/09/moms-apple-cake/


  2. I love any apple cake and this one looks and sounds so delicous! I love recipes that have been in the family for generations – they are so much more special. Thank you for sharing this one! I have bookmarked it to make soon 🙂


  3. So simple, so delicious – another great recipe. The best recipes really are those we get from loved ones and I'm so glad you shared this. My favorite part is the crusty cinnamon exterior – nom nom nom! =)


  4. Oh this looks lovely and I've such an idea now of how I'd like to adapt it – can't wait until the apple season – well maybe I can, but you know what I mean. I've bookmarked this one.


  5. I wouldn’t change this recipe in any way whatsoever, I’ve been making it now for about 40-50 years, and I absolutely love it. About time I made it again, I’ve got some Bramley apples, maybe tomorrow ?


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